Dear Mémé

Welcome to Dear Mémé, an activity subscription service that brings joy to seniors living with dementia and their loved ones.

Pilot Program Participants: Listen to the Rose Activity Playlist by clicking here.


Can you tell me more about Dear Mémé's Pilot Program?

Our free Pilot Program is an opportunity to try out a new way to connect and have fun with loved ones who are living with dementia. Participating families will receive three activity kits in the mail and will provide brief feedback on their experience. Our Pilot will begin in the Summer of 2021. Participant contact information will not be shared outside of Dear Mémé.

What are the activity kits like?

Activity kits are anchored by a theme. Each kit includes five activity suggestions and a customized letter. Our letters are about a page long, are written in large font, and are designed for individuals with early-to-mid-stage dementia. Each kit suggests has a corresponding online music playlist.

Where did the idea for Dear Mémé come from?

Inspired by her 94-year-old French grandmother, Dear Mémé's founder is a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School who is on a mission to help families feel connected and experience more plain old fun. Passionate about Alzheimer’s and dementia care, she has volunteered with the Rogerson House Dementia Day Program in Jamaica Plain, MA and currently helps care for her grandmother. Dear Mémé is part of the Harvard Innovations Lab Venture Program.

Inspired by Philomene Lebon, a 94-year-old French-American Grandmother who affectionately goes by Mémé, which means Grandma in French.